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Which Antivirus Is The Best Fit For Your Business?

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Posted by Oxygen Digital on 12 October 2020 11:33:52 PM

Every day, computer viruses are evolving and getting stronger. Knowing what the best antivirus out there can be challenging. Let us take you through the basic functionalities of an antivirus and how you can choose the best, tailored antivirus solution for your business.


What you need to know about Antivirus (AV) software before selecting a solution


Virus scanner and script blocking

The bread and butter of an antivirus is reactive scanning.

It means it scans any new program or file before it is opened and checks if it is a known malware or if it behaves like one.

This is done in the background, and the file or program only opens once the antivirus has successfully completed the scan.

Then there are scans where the antivirus software goes through every nook and cranny of your device in order to find malware or any other suspicious software or files.

Some AVs also obstruct malicious ActiveX or Java scripts from infecting your PC.
Plugins based on these technologies can be used to make your PC part of a botnet, inject code or do drive-by downloads.


Databases of known malware

Scans however cannot be effective if the program doesn’t know what it’s looking for. That’s why every antivirus software comes with a database of known malware and compares each scanned file to the contents of the database.

This database is frequently updated, often daily. This is one of the reasons why we always advocate for people to keep their software updated, particularly their antivirus.

Updated software goes a long way to protect you on the Internet since it greatly diminishes the possibility of malicious hackers exploiting an unpatched vulnerability of your software.

In addition, antivirus programs also make use of something called ‘heuristic analysis’. This means that it will consider a file to be malware if it behaves like one, even if it can’t be found in the database. This is one reason why some AVs occasionally incorrectly classify safe programs such as Chrome as a virus. The industry calls this a “false positive” and it is a criterion used to judge the quality of an antivirus.


Automatic updates

Any antivirus software worth its salt will automatically update itself, both to clean up vulnerabilities it might have and to keep its virus database and capabilities up to date. Basically, the faster and more frequent the updates, the better.


Malware removal

Sometimes, removing malware can be just as important as blocking it in the first place. Usually, the cybersecurity industry sees the two functions as being separate. That’s why many of the free AV’s out there can only detect and block malware but won’t be able to remove it if your PC is infected.
For that you will have to purchase the full antivirus solution or download a separate piece of software specializing in malware removal.


Other features you should look for:

Ransomware protection: Some antiviruses come with ransomware protection that prevents ransomware attacks from encrypting your files.

File shredder: This may come as a shock to many people, but the standard ‘Deletes’ + ‘Clear Recycle Bin’ will not actually delete a file from your hard drive. It will simply make it invisible for you to see and can be recovered with a specialized program.

Under normal circumstances, these invisible files disappear only after being pushed out of their memory block by a new one. However, file shredders will destroy them completely and leave no trace of them on your hard drive.

Firewall: Some AVs can filter and scan your internet traffic to detect incoming threats before they reach your device.


What’s the best antivirus that you could use?

Now that you know what to look for in an antivirus, here are some things to consider in choosing the right one for you.


Here are three (3) critical points in finding the best antivirus out there:

• Zero-trust ready: Having a robust identity infrastructure gives organizations the ability to build a more dynamic and identity-aware environment. Choose an AV that takes a Zero Trust approach to security providing 100% classification that focuses on the principle of maintaining diligent access control for all users of network and systems resources.

• AI-powered or based on behavior intelligence: The use of AI augments threat detection significantly, while reducing response and remediation times. Additionally, the application of Machine Learning will enable to scan huge amount of data and detect behavior patterns. With this combined technology, the security system is smarter as it collects more data.

• Intuitive cloud-based management: Best to look for ‘no need to install’ AV software that can schedule upgrades, manage patches, and connect in real-time to deploy tasks across thousands of devices in seconds. Moreover, it is best to go with an AV with auto deploy ability to provide full device coverage automatically.



Small enterprises or those with few devices that cross the network perimeter are banking on a reduced risk profile putting off investments in security.

However, with the ever-evolving malware attacks and as businesses become more exposed to cyber threats, stricter data security and privacy regulations are of the essence.

Most endpoint security products block what is known is suspicious and allow what is known, enabling malware to bypass defenses with other unknown traffic.

Upgrading from a free or consumer-grade AV software and moving to a business-grade, scalable security solution will give an organization more control and allow a managed solution to protect all areas of your network more effectively.

We encourage you to check out Panda Security, which is more than a standard antivirus, offering a proactive approach to your security. Unlike traditional antivirus solutions, which only act if a process is malicious, Panda Security’s technology detects attacks before they even happen. Contact us to find out how we can jumpstart your business to a predictive, reliable, robust premium malware antivirus with Oxygen IT.

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