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How Essential is IT Security During a Pandemic

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Posted by Oxygen Digital on 25 September 2020 12:08:29 PM

Mitigating security risks with a remote workforce requires two essential things—action and intelligence. During the midst of an uncertain time, it is more important to prevent, detect, test, and monitor risk in your business and across your workforce.


In recent years, digital-savvy swindlers have made it a “best practice” to initiate their attacks during times of crisis — from natural disasters to economic downturns — intentionally preying on baffled, anxious or desperate individuals.


Their recent trick is to shore on the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to deceive distracted victims with malware or ransomware attacks, phishing scams, illegally taking identities, and infiltrating businesses. It is with the most suitable time for these tech renegades, as the global quarantine and the mass shift to working from home has IT security resources spread thin.


As there is a heightened risk of damaging data breaches with individuals and companies, cybersecurity professionals work tremendously to plug holes in their defenses and identify allies from enemies. For most businesses, their best bet may be an actual transference in their security tactics. In other words, when you are unsure who to trust, trust no one, that simple.


The Conventional Approach to Network Security

Firewalls used in a conventional security architecture used to guard the corporate network — is like a stone wall and moat around a castle, in an analogy. For many companies, their security architecture is similar to a line of moats around a castle. Outer rings of security may safeguard the castle’s center, but as intruders stumble upon each moat, they access more valuable information increasingly, soon gradually setting foot on their ultimate prize. This approach poses significant risks.


As the workforce has become more mobile and more dependent on cloud-based services to work from anywhere, any time, on any device, the vulnerabilities of a trust-based system have augmented. The pandemic has further aggravated the situation, with the majority of office-based workers prompted to work remotely.


These do not only call for larger attack surfaces right now, but security threats are innumerable, and invaders are more sophisticated. Faced with the daunting challenge of confirming every user’s identity, information security officers should guarantee that their devices are adamant. The external networks the employees are using are security-compliant.


Obsolete security controls cannot merely keep up with such demands when single authentication gives an atrocious user a one time, big time all-access to corporate data. The repercussions can be horrible. Most organizations will not even spot an attack until the damage has been done.


Organizations should have a way to consistently, reliably, and frequently verify all users and their activities. We thought of the best way to do that. One thing is to assess your current security status and tailor-fit a comprehensive security solution unique to your business. Hence, OxygenIT’s Cybersecurity service


The Rise of the Game-Changing Cyber Security Solution for Businesses

With the sudden and swift shift of workers from on-site to a remote work environment is challenging for any business. With this, OxygenIT partners with WatchGuard, a network security provider with solutions that can be easily deployed and managed, making enterprise-grade security accessible to any organization regardless of size or expertise. OxygenIT can efficiently perform unbiased on-site security analysis and a range of other solutions to ensure your business is always protected. These security services include local antivirus, remote monitoring, specialized firewalls, and data replication.


Security Every Step of the Way

More than just validating user identities, OxygenIT takes a comprehensive approach to secure every possible angle of attack. Organizations making a move toward OxygenIT’s security services should consider these additional aspects:


  • Network access: The modern workforce requires to connect to the company network from anywhere, which often means going through their home network or an internet cafe via an unsecured Wi-Fi. OxygenIT assumes those networks have been compromised and proactively takes precautionary measures to enable employees to connect to the office network without any fuss securely.

  • Authentication service: Verifying you and your company has the security across your assets, accounts, and information with just a simple mobile app on your phone is extremely powerful and can promote business continuity and cybersecurity.

  • Data protection: As there is an increased collaboration of employees with co-workers, customers, and business partners online, OxygenIT sets the seals on security transporting with the shared data.

  • Smart endpoints: As companies implement bring-your-own-device policies, maintaining good hygiene on every device becomes a huge issue. OxygenIT enables companies to put more restrictions, system administrator privileges, and allow visibility.

  • Application security: With a rampant increase in application-specific attacks, enterprises should continue embracing the dissolution of IT and remote work, guaranteeing that all applications are authorized and compliant with their application security governance regulations, and in doing so, verifying that the applications are as secure as possible.


Benefits Beyond Measure

Now, more than ever, cybersecurity investments are paying off. It can be the best time to assess security and control gaps to stop cybercriminals who are eager to take advantage. Thwarting these malicious, relentless attacks can save companies by preventing calamitous disruptions, protecting intellectual property and sensitive data, and preserving your public reputation.


Employees confront significant troubles in their work and home lives. OxygenIT introduces an opportunity for companies to consider tools and solutions to help gauge employees’ needs and manage workloads. A more robust security system can quickly pay for itself.


What does this mean for your team members’ experience? It can be a rigor that would result in bottlenecks in workflows and repulse people the freedom they need to be productive. However, it may be just the contrary. A well-designed cybersecurity model makes life easier, especially for your IT.


Intelligent automation and multi-factor authentication mean IT staff can spend less time responding to erroneous threats, patching holes in defenses, and managing endless requests for password resets. The more streamlined approach also enables IT to decrease the number of security products and vendors it uses, reducing complexity and cutting costs.


Find out how OxygenIT is doing to make its clients more secure.


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